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Sima A. Patel 

 CEO of Rapid trainers

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National Transformation & Sustainable Development Strategist, Social Entrepreneur, Influencer

    Welcome to Rapid Trainers 

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Creating, managing, partnering and supporting TEAMS of International business owners, I understand the importance of having mentorship, expert advice, and guidance from professional people who are trustworthy and relate to the vision at stake.  At Rapid Trainers International, we stand on integrity in everything we do, from our communication to our actions.

We believe that the steps we take in bettering our world today will leave a lasting imprint for generations to come. So, in essence, we take calculated steps to make big impact globally.  It all starts with each and every business owner's vision, goals, and personal business plan to bring their project to life from thought to fruition. Our ability to learn collectively and teach unilaterally to make a great impact is evident with the companies we have worked with and bring on as new partnering clients.

At Rapid Trainers, our clients are our partners and our collaborative services and interconnected business relationships lead to win-win results for everyone.  Our ultimate vision is to establish a track record of success and proven results for our clients, current partners and new partners.  We achieve this by delivering and executing dynamic business models across multiple industries resulting in speedy profitability. Our collective ability to tap into systems allows us to create better overall results in areas such as efficiency, proficiency, and goal achievement.  These resources are the result of decades of experience, education, and training.  


We believe that teamwork and leading by example, has created a solid foundation of sound business practices and training. Over the past decade, we have aligned ourselves with numerous partnering corporations.  We support high-level executives while driving business into expanding new markets and propelling economic growth in new territories all while strengthening team cohesiveness, retention, and overall unity within the clients we serve.  Having also taken on a special interest in bringing peace and progress to underserved communities has also led us as a team to take action through faith-based organizations and local leadership. We don't just shake Nations, we inspire the hearts of men and women to Lead.

My background is in business development, project management and education infrastructure. Homeland Security launched my educational career by allowing me to assist U.S. Military professionals with enrollment guidelines to qualify for Criminal Justice programs at Kaplan University.  For three years, I served as their Senior Admissions Director and later embarked upon my role as an Assistant Director of Admissions for The Illinois Institute of Art Chicago working in the Merchandise Mart. Passionate for creating systems, business management processes, training and development procedures for economic areas where global teams require efficient communication systems, and where the proper use of resources are the key to the success of the clients we serve and International program implementation.

Serving on The Stage Africa Foundation's International Board of Directors and honored to be an International Representative of the Foundation's vision to help, build and develop humanity. When aligning to an organization, the first point of interest is that group's interest and ability to serve others, their developed mission and vision, as well as current and future ability to expand with hyper-growth and TEAM expansion efforts.  This means a lot to me and the Enterprise being built globally, which impacts people's fundamental rights and needs at its foundation.  Our impact is extraordinary globally and is taken seriously.  Also, an International Campaign Coordinator of various NGO's and Not-For-Profits, Rapid Trainer's first International campaign collaborative includes The State Africa Trust Fund to End Unemployment in Africa.  This organization is an extension of The Stage Africa Foundation whose purpose seeks to fund additional resources via global funding programs and projects targeted at promoting enterprise and creating employment opportunities throughout Africa. 

As an Indian American entrepreneur, diversity and a vision to increase the extraordinary economic growth in areas that have been restricted in such measures is a cause that strikes a deep chord within me. To achieve my goal of assisting with global development and access to resources in deprived areas, I founded Rapid Trainers headquartered in Chicago Illinois, U.S.A., and stand as the Chief Executive Officer while maintaining a hands-on approach in delivering our vision to our clients and partnerships Globally.

GPPd-GPPI 2021-2041 

  • As a Visionary and Project Manager for International Collaboratives, all of my work and volunteer experience is utilized towards building successful future entrepreneurial projects to serve humanity. The Future Mission & Objective of the GPPd-GPPi Project is to expand skill-based learning centers and construct new career training education facilities in rural and central locations throughout Africa. Serving the growing medical needs of Africa with tremendous population growth also requires catering to the elderly with patient caregiving, medical intervention and wellness training courses. Our 1st objective is to educate the youth for leadership while taking care of the rising elderly population. We will create links within various systems of self-funded and privately funded resources to educate + train students for career advancement while aligning new policies into government regulations to strengthen each state in Africa. Connecting private consulting projects that create synergy, more efficiency, and a wider impact to the population of people who are affected due to poverty, lack of resources & work opportunities. 1. Music School 2. Agriculture 3. Fashion Design / Garment Making 4. Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management 5. Computer And Tech Skills 6. Paint production 7. Carpentry, Furniture Making, & Joinery skill building. Simultaneously we create a supporting structure for the elderly demographics in remote regions to get assistance and immediate real-time support. Territories in underserved and oversaturated areas throughout every 54-country in Africa will receive assistance to expand and interlink for a wider impact within that region. To bridge support channels within a larger project plan include exceptional TEAM collaboration, quick system development and deployment, strategic workforce channel implementation, and dynamic timeline management. Estimating 10,000 collaborative International learning center channels built & running within the next 20years.

To contribute to our current location development and expansion for skills training, and career placement & business entrepreneurship: Please Email

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Zoe Cell Group


A Special THANK YOU to YCBS, Power Team International, and everyone who helped to make Rapid Trainers an International company.

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Rapid Trainers is designing a special series for ladies of all ages in 2023 entitled “Girl Talk: Glamour” and will present topics for girls, teens and women on image, confidence and Christ. More to come...stay tuned...    

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"Education allows the Spirit to grow. When the spirit  of a man is empowered in the right way to do the right things for the right reasons, we as a community, society, Nations, & world can live in unity and harmony." Sima


With a background in education and my passion on bringing resources to remote communities throughout Africa, I want to share one of my 1st projects as a consultant for Emerge Training Center.

I worked on

* Writing transformational curriculum 

* Teaching Various Courses 

* Business Brand Development

* Website Development 

* Fund Raising & Marketing 




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LoveWorld Singers - Chicago TEAM 
Christ Embassy Chicago
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We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

          Rapid Trainers, where we set the standard for Excellence

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