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Every child deserves a chance to be Awesome in this GREAT KINGDOM


Children of The World (2021 & 2022) ----> and beyond 

Thank You for your interest in Children of The World (COTW)

I’m inviting corporate sponsorship for COTW (Children of the World) 2023 album development, marketing, and launching a campaign. 

If you’d like to be a corporate sponsor, partner with us as a songwriter, musician, featured guest vocalist or offer your business services, I would love to hear from you. 

Please inbox us here and we will reply ASAP.

Thank you so much!
We support The Children of The World campaign.

It's not just in Africa, it is global, we just happened to launch it in Africa and have partners globally. 

#iAmTheChildrenOfTheWorld #iAmEveryChild

Where we collectively care and contribute to children across the  globe 

Children of the World Foundation

Art Supplies

Art Therapy 4 Children


Music Therapy 4 Children
Sincerely, Thank You,
The Rapid Trainers Team
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In 1997 I saw the movie Amistad and realize now how much of an amazingly deep effect it had on my life. I am humbled to share this painting, cut photo paper, and marker art piece I created as a response to the movie. Please stay tuned for my mixed media portfolio which will be uploaded on this page soon. God Bless and please let us know if you would like to contribute to the work we are doing at Rapid Trainers. 

One of my hopes for the future of art is to create Art Therapy courses for children who are in hospitals, rehabilitation and have suffered trauma in their lifetime. 

 I'm grateful to be a source of hope for several communities throughout Africa. 

          Sima A. Patel

      Art Therapy & Music Courses for Kids 

          Rapid Trainers, where we set the standard for Excellence

We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

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