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Randy Tate 

Stock Trading Advisor Rapid Trainers International 

  • CEO at Flipping Wall Street Click Here

  • Robotic Capitol Management Corporation

  • Former VP Small Business Education at Infusionsoft

Welcome to Rapid Trainers 

After spending time as a college athlete, Randy channeled his passion to serve into his career as a high school teacher and athletics coach. 

Based on frustrations he faced as a coach in sourcing uniforms and equipment, Randy started athletic apparel company, Game Day Athletics, and as its CEO, grew revenues to $5M before selling the business to publicly traded sporting goods company, Sport Chalet.Building on lessons learned as an educator, coach and entrepreneur, Randy has spent the last 8 years on stages, in workshops and as a one-on-one coach teaching small business owners about sales, marketing, and the mindset of success. He captivates audiences by inviting them to envision the future of their dreams, and demonstrating how the business fundamentals of marketing and sales can be performed with a servant’s heart.During the past year Randy has served as VP of business training for customers and internal employee training at Infusionsoft. During that time developing the internal progression path for the Delight org and overseeing the expansion of the Elite Business Education curriculum and training.

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We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

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