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   Zoe Cell Christianity 101 Course Outline Click here

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Pastor Godspower Akunne



Sima A. Patel 



Rapid Trainers International is Excited to Present Zoe Cell and Our May 24th 2024 Edition of Christianity 101

Let’s Work Together & Fellowship
Join us to learn Christianity 101 so we can start building the Kingdom for God together...

Zoe Cell 2024 Course Details 

ZOE CELL is a fellowship group that teaches Christ-Centered Courses

Mainly Christianity 101 & Christianity 102 courses online and in person. 

We have established small groups for adults and children online and will launch kids classes on the ground as well in Abuja, Chicago, Lagos, and Jos. 

The Basis of our ZOE Courses:

1.) Main Purpose: Our purpose at Zoe Cell Group in teaching Christianity 101 is to restore mainstream Christian fellowship. Our goal is to equip individuals, regardless of where they are in their faith journey, with the tools to deepen their understanding of Christianity and effectively share the message of Christ while addressing common questions about God, one's relationship with God, and the foundations of Christianity. We strive for unity in learning these fundamentals, and upon completion of the course, students will receive a certificate bearing our logo and an invitation to our online social network. We are thrilled to have you join us for our monthly online courses in 2024.

2.) To learn the basics about Christianity: Our curriculum has 4-sections which include

*Who is God? *Who is Jesus? *How to be sure you're a Christian and *Who is the Holy Spirit? We teach about the attributes of God and how to build a relationship with God. The foundational Christianity 101 Courses are designed as an online fellowship to be a safe space for participants to share and ask questions about Jesus Christ, faith, and the basics of Christianity. 

3.) A place to gather online together: To have a place to fellowship and learn together on a monthly basis. We are also designing small groups online to have a space for various communities to teach Christianity 101 from all over the world in fellowship, and to learn the curriculum. 

a) Adults Christianity 101 courses are taught once a month online 

b) Kids class Christianity 101 launched in Summer 2023!

Sima A. Patel ZOE CELL LEADER | FOUNDER | Online host 

Pastor Godspower Akunne ZOE CELL PASTOR & TEACHER 

Emole Agbai Armstrong ZOE CELL - FAQ Teacher | Authenticator for Official Certificates Christianity 101

Pastor Fred James ZOE CELL KIDS Community Coordinator | TEACHER |  Abuja Nigeria

Pastor Franklin Wilson ZOE CELL KIDS Instructor | TEACHER |  Delta State

We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...


Pastor Emole Agbai Armstrong  

Pastor Fred James

Pastor Franklin Wilson

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We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

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