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Grid Plane Project Development - Gid Plane Project Implementation 


GPPd-GPPI 2021-2041 is a vision to set up to build an interconnected network of community development centers in Africa over the space of 20 years beginning with Nigeria, to pursue sustainable development through community-based capacity development and rehabilitation programs.  The objective of this proposal is to present the opportunity to set up the first center which will serve as a prototype for future GPPd-GPPi projects. The proposed center will be situated in the Port Harcourt Area of Delta State Nigeria on our grid model which would provide employment and entrepreneurship-oriented skill training to tribal youth and South Western youths in general and in the process enable rural poverty alleviation of the State and region. The proposed GPPd-GPPi center will train and empower about 60,000 youths and adults over a period of 5 years.


The project was developed by GPPd-GPPi through Rapid Trainers and 1st conceptualized through a Leadership Training activity in January of 2021 when our CEO participated in a month-long Leadership program. Our company is composed of TEAMS of Project Managers, Business Developers, Consultants, and Industry Leaders. Headquartered in The Windy City, Chicago- USA, the company has made a mark in creativity in contributing to the overall power for global team unity and project fruition, able to quickly execute plans, while managing independent workflow for global TEAM achievement.  Rapid Trainers has had discussions with various industries and accordingly, several need oriented skills and trades are identified. A spectrum of long-duration, medium-duration and short-duration courses will be conducted in these skills and trade education which will provide employment to at least 75% of the trained youths. A total of 24 courses are planned in the selected trades which will be introduced over a 5 year project plan along with an International mentorship program projected to launch in Q3 of 2024.

A 25 year old today would have become the next generation adult active in social services. So designing a long-term youth-focused intervention program will be more effective to sustainable development than generalized interventions. This is the reason for the GPPD-GPPi 2021-2041 - Grid Plane Project Development & Grid Plane Project Implementation.

1.2  Vision

To impact over 12,000 people per GPP location annually and within 2 years have a location up and running from point A to being functional, occupied, and secured. To have built 10 locations over the next 10 years impacting over 5,000,000 young people throughout Africa.

1.3  Mission

To create a community grounded and rooted on functional and sustainable designed systems, coming together in one location for the improvement and development of an underserved community towards community development and job creation.

1.4  Aims & Objectives

1.       To promote community development through community and sustainable designed initiatives.


2.       To provide support to the underdeveloped and less privileged society.


3.       To create a platform for Educational and Rehabilitation Programs.


4.       To promote access to quality and relevant education for job development and placement.

5.       To provide vocational training to unemployed youths and recent school dropouts to enhance employability and provide a skilled foundation to build a career – therefore reducing levels of unemployment in those aged 21-30.


6.       To encourage, nurture, and support the establishment and growth of technology-based start-ups.


7.       To equip and instill Entrepreneurship skills including Music, Fashion, Culinary and Everything Tech for economic development for job creation.


8.       To make agriculture a viable and attractive option for young people to pursue career and entrepreneurship ventures in.


9.       To develop and empower talent for the reduction of joblessness amongst youths empower young people to believe in their dreams and to enable the acquisition of income (through formal and informal job prospects) so that they can support their household and families.


10.   To stimulate public awareness and improve patriotic culture amongst young people.


11.   To foster a change in community attitudes whereby everybody is given the opportunity to succeed.


12.   To be a leading Project in Africa championing values reorientation and reaching out to the underserved communities.


13.   To collaborate with individuals, organizations, networks, coalitions, and movements that will help in achieving these objectives.

1.1  Overall Goal

Youth employment is critical for social and economic stability, growth and security in Africa, apart from all the other good reasons why it is important for African society to give it the greatest attention. Given the challenges faced by the youth in labor markets, success in pursuing employment for young people will require long-term, concerted actions, spanning a wide range of policies and programs. Indeed, success will not be achieved and sustained through fragmented and isolated interventions. An over-arching guideline for addressing the youth employment challenge is the need for an integrated strategy for youth entrepreneurship development, growth and job creation – which covers the demand and the supply sides of the labor market and takes into account the youth mobility from rural to urban areas – combined with targeted interventions to help young people overcome disadvantages in entering and remaining in the labor market. And it must be understood, that youth unemployment is very damaging for young people, societies, cultures and economies and Africa cannot afford the consequences in the nearest future.

Seeing that youth employment is critical for social and economic stability, growth and security, focusing on youth empowerment and development becomes an ultimate priority in achieving a Sustained Africa with enough job opportunities for its young people by 2060, hence the need for a more youth-focused intervention program for Grid Plane Project (GPP). In the next 25 or 30 years, youth between 15 an


GPP is an acronym for "Grid Plane Project" for Africa. GPPd stands for Grid Plane Project Development and is phase 1 before going into the construction in phase 2. GPPd includes the designing, development, government paperwork, legal aspects for project fulfillment, banking / International LLC foundational steps and structural coordinates of the project including surveying the land and finalizing all costs from estimates to projected accurate budget.

GPPi is an acronym for "Grid Plane Project Implementation" and is phase 2 of the project, which includes land acquisition, building construction, and facility development from interior design to exterior landscape and agriculture development. For the project to be functional in the operational stage, we will complete all the curriculum writing, class certification requirements and employ professional staff who instruct the courses, and hire security, maintenance crew, and agricultural experts.

Year 1 - Initial (central hub) GPP location designed, built, and established as a central hub for teaching Educational programs for rehabilitation, business incubation, and Agriculture Programs including Culinary and Skills Building in music and fashion programs. Location: Lagos.

Each year for the sum of 5 years we will add programs for skill building to the initial central hub location totaling 20 or more skill-building programs. In year 3, we will finalize the programs and expand the entrepreneurship skill-building department. But for the first 2 years, the proposed GPP center will be focusing on 7 entrepreneurial skill courses as listed below:

1.       Music School - To support young people with an interest in music in Sound engineering, voicing, and instrumental, studio production.


2.   Agriculture – This department of GPP will provide agricultural skills to young people in Crop Farming, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries, Bee Farming/ Honey Production etc.


3.   Fashion Design / Garment Making - Style and design go hand in hand in making our clothes. Africa has one of the most amazing fashion styles in the world. Helping young people develop and build in this skill has a promising future for the continent. This department part of GPP will focus on fashion style sketching/ designs, sewing, and Fashion Business Development, Marketing, and Distribution.


4.   Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management – This department will offer hospitality management and culinary arts education that encompasses passion, professionalism, and pride with a combination of theoretical education and hands-on experience in culinary arts, pastry arts and hospitality management.


5.   Computer And Tech Skills (Everything Tech) – Africa’s tech industry is growing rapidly and is showing a promising future for job creation for the growing Africa labor force. From learning to code and exploring programming to understanding cyber security, this department will offer IT and coding courses to explore tech trends like data science and digital marketing to young people in Africa.

6.   Paint production –  An African country like Nigeria has a multi-billion dollar paint market. Providing this skill will help a lot of young people explore that market share and opportunities. This Skill department will provide a practical Training session for the production of more than 20 different types of modern and decorative paints, like stucco, screening paint, Texcote, emulsion, Gloss, satin, acrylic paint, fixtures, floor paint, anti-rust paint, marine, auto paints, silk, POP paint and many others.


7.   Carpentry, Furniture Making, and Joinery - Carpentry and joinery is a core trade within construction, especially in the house-building sector. African countries like Nigeria are said to have a huge housing deficit. As demand for new homes continues, so will the demand for carpentry and joinery. With this Carpentry, Joinery, and Furniture courses, young people will learn how to use hand and power tools, work from plans and specifications to fabricate, install, and construct, and learn how to select the correct materials.

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