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Our Future Vision


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GPPd Phase 1. At Rapid Trainers, our network spans entrepreneurs at diverse stages of business development, from those venturing into entrepreneurship to seasoned industry leaders. Our objective is to unite them through our platform, facilitating broader outreach and holistic business growth. We envision infusing spiritual and biblical-based teachings to tackle global challenges, alongside equipping communities with resources to cultivate tomorrow's industry frontrunners through skill enhancement and tailored training programs.

GPPd Phase 2. Our sustainable projects, spanning communities and various regions across Africa, are established in collaboration with local residents, authorities, and governmental officials. Skills training centers will offer comprehensive courses including Christianity 101 for local families and residents, alongside inviting neighboring community members for fellowships. Our mission is to promote strong global partnerships that positively impact society while expanding our partnership business model to further humanitarian outreach programs. By replicating successful charity models like, we focus on building confidence and trust within new communities while extending essential resources such as access to water, climate change education, medical assistance, training, and agricultural development.

GPPi Phase 3. GPPi Phase 3 involves launching our software applications for training, mentoring, and skill-building once our headquarters are fully established. Our focus will be on addressing local poverty issues in rural and central African locations. We aspire to create, partner with, and support international business owners with dynamic and hyper-growth business strategies.

Phase 4. Providing proper consulting for business advancement, we endeavor to empower entrepreneurs globally who aspire to pursue their business ventures. Our mission involves creating sustainable and impactful projects tailored to communities in rural areas, fostering both individual and collective economic growth. Through our initiatives, we aim to uplift communities by offering comprehensive support and guidance, ultimately driving business and economic development at both the individual and community levels.

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