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Grid Plain Project Development - Grid Plain Project Implementation 

Setting a Leading Pace for National Transformation and Sustainable Development in African Nations through Collaborative Partnerships.

To Become a Leading Global Community and Mastermind Devoted to High Quality, Innovative and Practical Ideas and Solutions dedicated to addressing Problems Facing African Society at the Local, National, and Global Levels.

Our Objective: Our Commitment to Sustainable Development:

Headquarters in the United States of America:
We have an important role to play in improving institutions, economic productivity & education output of African nations through the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with partnerships that develop and promote programs that are focused mainly on the economic well-being and development of the African community, especially youth and women.


This Years Mission & Objective of the GPPd-GPPi Project is to expand skill-based learning centers and construct new career training education facilities in rural and central locations throughout Africa. Serving the growing medical needs of Africa with tremendous population growth also requires catering to the elderly with patient caregiving, medical intervention and wellness training courses.


Our 1st objective is to educate the youth for leadership while taking care of the rising elderly population. We will create links within various systems of self-funded and privately funded resources to educate + train students for career advancement while aligning new policies into government regulations to strengthen each state in Africa. Connecting private consulting projects that create synergy, more efficiency, and a wider impact to the population of people who are affected due to poverty, lack of resources & work opportunities.

1. Agriculture Business Development 

2. Agriculture Startup Funding

3. Carpentry, Furniture Making, & Joinery skill building.

4. Culinary Arts / Hospitality Management

5. Computer And Tech Skills

6. Delivery Businesses

7. Fashion Design / Garment Making

8. Fish Farming

9. Jewelry Making 

10. Music School

11. Paint production

12.Tech startup Ideas and more...


Simultaneously, we create a supporting structure for the elderly demographics in remote regions to get assistance and immediate real-time support. Territories in underserved and oversaturated areas throughout every 54-country in Africa will receive assistance to expand and interlink for a wider impact within that region.


To bridge support channels within a larger project plan include exceptional TEAM collaboration, quick system development and deployment, strategic workforce channel implementation, and dynamic timeline management. Estimating 10,000 collaborative International learning center channels built & running within the next 20 years.

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Click Here: Future Vision

OUR Vision for the GPPd-GPPi Project: To create skill-based learning centers and career training facilities across Africa, addressing the region's food crisis, growing medical needs, and sustainable housing while empowering youth leadership and senior care.

OUR Objective: Educating and training the youth for leadership while providing medical caregiving for the elderly, supported by strategic partnerships and policy alignment with government regulations.

OUR Mission: To promote sustainable development in African nations by expanding skill-based education, enhancing economic productivity, and improving the well-being of communities through collaborative partnerships and innovative solutions.


Our commitment to promoting business innovation and social impact aligns with our broader mission of empowering individuals and organizations to thrive in an ever-evolving global landscape with Jesus Christ as a foundation.


Our dedication to nurturing business innovation and social change is rooted in a deep-seated love for empowering others. We believe in the transformative power of Jesus Christ & through collaboration and trust in our collective ability to make a difference for good within the Kingdom of God for Africa through the GPPd-GPPi initiative.

Our commitment to promoting agricultural and skill-building initiatives is an innovation for social impact that reflects our broader mission of serving humanity and helping to uplift communities worldwide.

We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

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