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Tamika Murry



  • Project Manager & Portfolio Management 

  • Women's and Girls Small Group Leadership Trainer


Welcome to Rapid Trainers 

Tamika Murry, holds an MBA in International Business Management from American Intercontinental University. As a Project Management professional she is committed to being a global innovator and Entrepreneur.


"I have ventured into the eCommerce retail space importing and exporting and sourcing products from China. Having travelled to several countries (UK, France, Germany, Italy, UAE, Canada, China, Caribbean, Africa, South America to name a few) I have a passion for travel, culture and Empowerment of people."

My business acumne for understanding projects that are technically grounded is high. I have cultivated intense business partnerships and friendships across the globe and share the vision to Empower and connect people worldwide through a unified platform of communicaiton and collaboration.


As a highly skilled Project Manager with a proven track record of managing multiple projects and delivering expectations. Proficient in clarifying business readiness requirements, performing and designing process and system improvement plans to increase efficiency and productivity. Known for reducing costs and minimizing excessive change request within the SDLC process. Extensive experience managing concurrent projects, change management, product deployment and exceptional interpersonal skills. Possesses a keen understanding of diplomacy when working with stakeholders. Recognized project management skills, consistently deliver complex, large-scale projects on time and within budget.

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