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Rapid Trainers Collabortion with EMERGE Inc

Training & Workshops for Women from all walks of life

EMERGE: Mission Statement
"To Empower And Attract Women Leaders To Help Develop Productive Skills For Success"

Rapid Trainers TEAM is comprised of highly customized TEAMS which bring each clients project into fruition. We have a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspective from successful leaders of larger impact TEAMS in partnering organizations throughout the world. 

We are passionate about shifting the mindset, experience, opportunity, and privileges available to people through entrepreneurship, collaborative projects, training and partnerships. We have multiple lines of income and help make the dreams of entrepreneurs come to life with structured steps for business fruition, abundance and advancement. Regardless of race, environmental restrictions and income level, we collectively stand for humanity, peace, advancement and social justice. 

Rapid Trainers partnership collaborative efforts with EMERGE Inc. were solidified in order to empower women, reach a global audience and also standardize a course available for women all over the world to thrive, be empowered, find support, be trained and also gain valuable access to support structures that will help bring women's visions for their life and business into fruition. 


Sima A. Patel

Sima A. Patel

CEO of Rapid Trainers and Project Manager/ Consultant for EMERGE Inc.

Pastor Lashawn Freeman Whittaker

Pastor Lashawn Freeman Whittaker

CEO and Founder of EMERGE Inc. 12-Class Training Courses

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