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Our Future Vision


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GPPd Phase 1. Within Rapid Trainers, we have connected with entrepreneurs both starting out and well-established to interconnect on the Rapid Trainers platform and expand their territory of reach while building up business in every aspect possible leading to funding and support for various projects. The future vision is to establish the connection of spiritual and biblical based training, education and fellowship to ease the pain of the crisis happening in the world; while providing resources to people to live a dignified and fruitful life. 

GPPd Phase 2. All of our sustainable projects built within communities and various geographical regions throughout Africa are established with the resident, local authorities and governmental officials. Skills training centers will all include Christianity 101 courses for local residents and families, kids; and neighboring community residents will be invited for fellowships. To Build and sustain professional global relationships that impact society positively while growing the partnership business model we connect with successfully and profitably to further humanitarian outreach programs, duplicate current charity models that WORK! (such as and continue to gain confidence and trust with new communities to extend fundamental resources: Such as access to water, climate change education, medical assistance, training and agriculture development. 


GPPi Phase 3. Once our headquarters location is constructed, we will branch out to launch our software applications for training, mentoring and skill building. Our projects aim to address local poverty issues in rural and central locations of Africa; Creating, partnering, and supporting International business owners with dynamic and hyper-growth business strategies.  

Phase 4. Providing proper consulting for business advancement for all people globally who wish to pursue entrepreneurship. Creating sustainable and outstanding projects for communities in rural areas e for the benefit of advancement to that individual & community for business and economic growth. 

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