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Inaugural African Women Achievers Summit & Awards (AWAS) 2018




The Stage Africa Foundation, a pan-African transformation group in collaboration with African women in diaspora and women organizations in Africa, presents its plan to hold the AFRICAN WOMEN ACHIEVERS SUMMIT & AWARDS (AWAS) 2018, an event billed to hold for the celebration of innovative & extraordinary African women in business, leadership & entertainment, in Abuja Nigeria.


THEME: UNLEASHING THE POWER: Redefining the Role of Women in the Society

VENUE: Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria

DATE: 6th & 7th April, 2018


With about 40% of Africa’s population in the women group, Africa is recording the largest percentage of women in the world and the continent is therefore faced with the significant task of turning their women population into an asset for sustainable development. Despite constituting about 40% of the continent’s population, women’s issues are not given the priority they deserve. It is notable that women are still under-represented in civic spaces, including in politics, the economy, social affairs, and science and technology. Women are derailed from realizing their potential by challenges such as child, early and forced marriages, female genital mutilation, and other harmful practices, as well as unwanted pregnancies, limited access to education and to health care.


As part of The Stage Africa’s efforts to address the economic and social challenges that African women are faced with, the summit is therefore a platform for women to discuss social gaps and issues affecting them in various areas of their lives and endeavors. The summit promises to be a high-level business and leadership education program and will brings together both successful and emerging women leaders from business, government, education, entertainment and civil society with the common goal of increasing African women's access to career, business and employment opportunities through innovative world-class empowerment programs. Successful women, who embody the qualities of leadership in displaying active, creative and integrative efforts in achieving success at personal, national, and regional levels, will be provided the platform to deliberate on ways of inclusion and empowerment of African women in the mainstream economy through skills development, enterprise development, entrepreneurship projects and improving emerging women leader’s access to mentors and incubators.

In the Award Gala Night, the group will celebrate and honor the doers and the doing; some of the women who have distinguished themselves and truly excelled in their professional lives, demonstrating innovation, leadership, talent, a strong sense of self-worth, hard work, and success-driven work ethics.


·         Key Plenary Sessions & breakout sessions

·         Keynote conversations 

·         Panel Discussions

·         One-on-one interviews

·         Interstitial spotlights

·         Networking Sessions

·         Entertainment Gallows

·         African women's trade display

·         Award conferment

·         Charting the course for the establishment of The Stage Africa Women Network.

·         Unveiling of 2018 BUSFAW (Business Support Fund for the African Woman)Empowerment Program

·         International press coverage

This event is going to be fun, and lively but informative – designed to educate, inspire and entertain. AWAS will furnish delegates with their roadmap to financial inclusion, economic independence, business growth and leadership success. This 2018 Edition of African Women Achievers Summit will be unveiling the first women to benefit from the summit’s BUSFAW Programme (Business Support Fund for the African Woman). The program will be awarding over 100 women next year with the opportunity to be trained in any entrepreneurship skill of their choice and with a small grant of N100,000 each + some business items like sewing machines, generators, etc.


·         Top Female Political Leaders of African Countries

·         The First Ladies of African Countries

·         Ministers of Gender/Women Affairs of African countries

·         Heads of Committees on Gender/Women Affairs/Youths of African Parliaments

·         Heads/Directors of Gender Departments of public institutions or agencies of African countries.

·         Women CEOs/ Top-Level business executives across in Africa.

·         Women-Supportive Companies/NGOs/Foundations/Individuals

·         Young African Women leaders

·         Women Leaders and Members of women cooperatives/ societies & organizations across Africa

·         Among others, the summit will receive women representing the following industries in Africa: Media/Communications, Agriculture, Entertainment/Event Management, Agencies, Chambers, Health Care, Real Estate/Architecture, Fashion/Arts/Design, Aviation/Travel, and Tourism, Banks

·         Corporations, Development NGOs, Federations Unions, International Organizations, Energy/Oil and Gas/Infrastructure, Local and Regional Authority, Non-profit Organizations, Research Centers, Telecommunication/ICT, Schools, SMEs, Training Centers, Universities, etc.


African Women Achievers Summit & Awards in Abuja will gather key stakeholders serving in various leadership roles in an intimate setting to discuss the challenges and opportunities for women in the public and private sector today. Attend this event and be prepared to be motivated, and empowered and take away a renewed sense of purpose and a wealth of practical insights.

The Summit Key Learning Objectives Are:

  • Understand the women's leadership landscape in Africa and identify prominent challenges in the public and private sectors.

  • Be exposed to personal success stories from some of Africa's most accomplished women leaders

  • Recognize the importance of having gender diversity in top-tier leadership

  • Learn to recruit, mentor, and sponsor the best talent for your organization or business.

  • Lead, manage and support a change to achieve gender diversity.

  • Develop flexible working arrangements in your organization or business.

  • Gain practical advice on attaining the right career-life balance.

  • Cultivate essential leadership skills to become a more influential and impactful woman leader.

  • Meet, Engage and synergize with Government Policy Makers & Investment/Development Strategists, senior Investment Experts from Nigeria and other African countries, bankers, investors, manufacturers, small and big-scale entrepreneurs, as well as high-profile decision-makers from the government of Nigeria, and other African Nations.

  • Profiles to be published in the summit brochure and a special edition of The Stage Women Magazine to be unveiled at the event.

  • Gather, network, and discuss your latest project and vision with other renowned women leaders and leading professionals in your field.


 We will provide live streaming on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for some of the summit programs especially, the plenary sessions. The coverage would be done from the venue of the event in collaboration with our media partners to ensure millions of people from all corners of Africa join the conversation and benefit from the event.

FRegistration is FREE!

2018 AWAS Abuja, Nigeria 

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