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Andrea Adams-Miller, MS, CHES
"A Leading Authority in Making Publishing and Publicity Profitable"
Publisher, Publicity Agent, Author, Keynote Speaker, Business Consultant, & Award Winning International Radio Show Host

Andrea Adams-Miller

USA CORPORATE SpONSOR ACQUISITIONS  Managing Director Rapid Trainers International

  • Corporate Sponsor Acquisitions Director

  • Publicity & Publishing Liaison 

  • Viral Media Social Media Campaign Manager

Public Relations Dept. Director

Andrea Adams-Miller is a publicist and event photographer who covers events with professional coverage that can be utilized for social media purposes by all the attendees!  In turn, these photographs provide social proof on credibility, authority, and trust in an organization. Andrea has photographed exclusive events like Michael Jackson's Annual Celebration of Life Event that last four years for Miss Katherine Jackson, the Annual City Gala 2x's, Disney Imagineer Terry Hardin on Location in Paris, and on location in Dubai, Egypt, and Oman, as well as covering private events at sea and multiple island locations for private clients.

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