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Pastor Adam Broker

Rapid Trainers International Community Financial empowerment coordinator 

  • Online & Mobile Media Business Communications

  • Creator of Instant Pay Group with Talk Fusion

  • Smart Business Revenue Generation Services 

  • Remote International Ministry Team Leader


        Business That Matters



"Every person has an ability to succeed at any level that they desire. You just need to have the right desire and you must be able to serve others first before yourself. If you can do that, you can achieve an unbelievable level of success. Let's team up and make a difference." 

Pastor Adam Broker has been recognized as a professional in the arena of commercial transportation and logistics. At the same time, he has proven to be a dedicated expert in the arena as a social media marketing, proximity marketing, and online video communications technology revenue trainer. 

His company, ASB "Smart" Business Services was established to offer companies of all sizes and organizational structures an opportunity to have a consulting company who understands the needs of today's companies in the arena of social media development, and proper business structuring. We now feature associations with professional business tax professionals and corporation structuring experts who are dedicated to ensuring your company has been properly established. As a client of ASB "Smart" Business Services, you will have access through our network of industry professionals to multiple methods to capture new business, retain your existing customer base, create sales reps from your customer base, and create multiple new streams of income for your business.


Online video communications is key along with a properly structure online advertising campaign for generating new business. We also feature the ability to create dynamic QR codes, the most powerful video blogging system on the planet!  Properly formatted mobile redirected websites, and we also embed your business in the local community unlike any other method that you may have ever seen and certainly never experienced.  We can support your bottom line and so we welcome you to connect and incorporate our professional management services into your project, program or portfolio. 

Adam Broker is Rapid Trainers Lead Team Trainer for Talk Fusion. Click Here to Learn More. 

We work in good faith...Great dreams are built with a good heart...

...while great TEAMS are built with many great dreams...

          Rapid Trainers, where we set the standard for Excellence

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