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Save The Girl-Child Advocacy BACKGROUND
Initiative for Revolution Strategy and Development (Initiative RSD) is a non profit, non government and non partisan Initiative established to promote Community Development, Social Justice, Women Empowerment, Peace Building, Education and Leadership. Most communities in Africa live in very bad conditions and below the quality of life. Decisions and actions have to be ethically validated before proceeding. If it causes harm to the society, then it is not socially responsible. Women are marginalized, oppressed and violated. Misunderstanding, poor communication, frustration, stress & burnout have contributed to rising of conflicts in our society. There is also a lack of committed, dynamic and visionary leadership. The initiative believes that these problems can be addressed through research, advocacy, support, training and mobilization for revolution.
The initiative is formed to address these challenges and help foster the practices, systems and institutions that produce women oppression, underdevelopment, inequality and injustice, conflict, poor education and bad leadership.
VISION: Revolutionary Strategy in Nation Building
MISSION: To act as a catalyst and a facilitator of Revolutionary Movements to bring about empowerment, education & leadership


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